The Youth’s Corner is a unique area of the NSSPA where the children could visually communicate with viewers. This a quite young group is passionately learning at schools about colours, draw figures & faces, self- feelings and truly artistic emotions.

We know that early engagement in the arts enhances the development of self-expression and improve their creativity. Through a child’s eye and small hand we can easy find their unbelievable inventive imagination with absolutely explorer’s sensations.

The painting ‘Return’ – watercolour by a 3 year old Aleksandra is an example of how the innately felt quest for order expresses itself in a spontaneous painting done in a very deliberate style.

Also we would like to promote ability in developing of the Youth Corner’s Group members their artistic confidents and creativities along to inspire the others youthful artist in Nova Scotia.

Aleksandra Dzierzanowska

Andrew Dzierzanowski

Nate Montgomery