Karolina Szablewska was born in Ciechanow, Poland in 1990 and had immigrated to Canada in 1998. She has lived in Niagara Falls and Lindsay, Ontario. Currently, she lives in Halifax attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University completing her undergraduate degree, attending on the McCain-Harrison Scholarship.

Karolina is a self-taught artist and benefits from learning on her own over instruction. She has liked art from an early age and started to take it as a serious skill at the age of 12. Her first most practiced technical skill was drawing, which eventually expanded into painting and now has formed into a love for creation.

She was grateful to learn how to knit from Naseeb Bashik, the store owner of Kawartha Yarns in Lindsay. She is interested in pursuing film, video and pottery. Her education at NSCAD University is taking shape in the same way where she is most interested in taking courses in art forms she's least familiar with and doing an Interdisciplinary BFA. She is not interested in pursuing painting academically because she feels comfortable and informed in her approach. In her 3rd year, she is taking mostly film classes and interested in taking more ceramic courses. After her undergraduate, she plans to get a diploma in art therapy.

Karolina's ideas for work are usually constructed out of a fantastical experience in her subconsciousness and reflects what she deems relevant to her life, her community and to society. Her work is a conversation between her interpretation of her experience and what the viewer really reads from it. In the process of making her work, she finds herself talking back to her work, forming a dialogue between the various icons, subjects, emotions, and impulsive creative acts. Most often, she finds her work defining itself mostly through its' process. In art, she finds that it is important for the work to actually show the intended idea, rather than just be 'about' it. Because of this, she finds design and cultural meaning to be important to art.

Her past and future instructors: David Middleton, Shiela Provazza, Sol Nagler, Chris Woods, and David Armstrong. Other artists influencing her work: Chinese brush painter Charles Leung, illustrator Sam Weber, master artist Egon Schiele, master artist Francis Bacon, illustrator Ray Jones, pottery Julia Galloway. She is most influenced by her friends and colleges, Natasha Petras, Justin Tomchuk, Mark Corless, and Jessica Murwin.

She has a few large mural works on permanent display, and has been in several small group exhibitions. She takes commissions and has made sales. In the NSSPA, she is currently a writing editor.

If you are interested in viewing more of her work or her CV, please go to her website

The Hopeful People and the Bridge to Nowhere

Crowd on a City Street

Original scarf design, 'Cold Cabin Mosaic Scarf'

Shivering Preen

I recently finished a documentary film about a Nova Scotian artist, Pita Pitussi, who makes unbelievably intellectual artworks out of waste scrap metal and has the sculptures all on his property. It's kind of a hidden away in the forests of Nova Scotia. Pita, a practising artist who creates towering, imposing metallic sculptures by collecting scrap metals around the environment - some of which can be played as instruments or even ridden as bikes. In his studio,

I was introduced to his large-scale provocative paintings that incorporate a variety of unique techniques and psychological imagery. In 'Resonance - the Works of Pita Pitussi', I get a glimpse of his life philosophy and his relationship to his work. Here's a link to the film: https://vimeo.com/58830423

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